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Amazons & Valkyries

Amazon Mortar Platoon

$ 8.00

Officer, 4 mortar women, 2 mortars

Officer, 4 gunners & 2 Heavy MGs

Amazon HMG Squad

$ 8.00

Critters and Misc

Fembots were created to serve the Amazons as heavy infantry and were given their characteristic Female shape to set them apart from all other Warbots. Unique among Warbots, fembots are jet belt capable.

Mixed set of 5 includes various poses with Heavy Laser Rifle.

Valkyrie Assault Squad

$ 8.00

The Amazon and Valkyrie are special militia units staffed entirely by women. They were founded when manpower shortages hit the colonies during the star wars. Amazons are light infantry troopers. Valkyries (Fembots) are Jet Belt capable robots. The Amazons are trained to the same level as Starguard Marines, can fight in a wide variety of climates and terrain, have robot auxiliary units and heavy weapons available to them.

Mixed set of 5 includes PML team, Disintigrator, Grenade Launcher, and Heavy Cone Rifle.

Valkyrie Heavy Weapons Squad

$ 8.00

Amazon Medium Infantry (10)

$ 12.50

Mixed set, Officer, Scout, 3 laser Riflewomen, Sniper, Grenade launcher, Blast Rifle, and PML Team. (10)