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What's New McEwan Minis Aircraft Decals Colonial Wars Vehicle Kits Paper models 1/64 Figures Science Fiction 54mm  Figures Contact Us

$ 5.00

Colonial Armored Grav-sled

Colonial Grav-jeep

$ 8.00


The Colonial Militia Act required Federation colonies to raise and support these light infantry units. In times of dire need the forces guarding a colony may be "stiffened" with cadres of Amazons and Valkyries.  

Colonial troopers are armed with cone rifles. They do not wear body armor or use jetpacks. Some colonies can afford to equip their militia units with grav vehicles; others may provide scouts with grav-sleds or tracked vehicles.

Colonial Combat Group (10)

$ 12.50

Colonial Company (33)

$ 40.00

$ 10.00

APC Stinger

Stinger & Meatgrinder, vehicles often utilized by the Colonial Forces

$ 10.00

Meatgrinder Lt. Tank