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The Rio Industries ACT-100 Timberwolf or Pantera as it was known in the Imperium, was the primary weapon of the Imperial Heavy Cavalry and saw extensive use all through the Wars of Unification. Although not capable of submerged operations, the vehicle was considerably less expensive than the Folgori or the Pegasus. It was remembered fondly by its crews as being a very easy handled and reliable vehicle with plenty of excess power.

The Lockheed HVAC-M565 Pegasus was designed as a high mobility submersable GEV and was normally armed with Particle Cannon and a secondary class one auto launcher. The Imperial Coast Guard utilized a few of these vehicles, but they saw most of their action in the defense of Japan and Taiwan.

Timberwolf/Pantera Heavy GEV (1)

$ 5.00

Pegasus Heavy GEV (1)

$ 5.00

The Cheetah was a true pioneer in that it was the first AFV to rely completely on anti-grav systems for its mobility. Unfortunately the vehicle developed a reputation as unlucky. Its crews unofficially referred to it as "La Puta" or "Whore" because they said, "It has no visible means of support!" It was an interesting design, but proved to be maintenance intensive, and suffered constantly from steering problems. Too much of its available power was required to float the vehicle, leaving too little power for maneuver. It was common practice for the crews to ground the vehicle when firing the main gun, because the recoil would knock them backwards or cause them to skew badly if in motion.

Cheta Anti-Grav Tank  (1)

$ 5.00

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