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The Legend of the Ghost Car

Dimly glowing headlights cutting through the foggy night on a twisting mountain road, an antique limousine rushing toward you at break neck speed, you pull your truck as far off the side of the narrow roadway as you can.  Soundlessly a silvery gray car flies past, seemingly missing you only by inches.   You grip the wheel with white knuckles for the driver and passenger are grinning skeletons.  The ghostly passenger in the back seat nods his bony head and doffs his top hat.  Cold fear strikes at your heart. The apparition races past, its red tail lights fade into the swirling fog.   

You have seen it – the Ghost Car!  But what is the story behind the rushing fear?

Lower down in the valley, next to an abandoned service station and garage, sits the wreckage of a once fine automobile, now all rust and corrosion.  The bullet holes and shattered glass tell their own story.   For this car was once the pride and joy of a boot-legging gangster named Greasy Jake Guzak.    Returning late at night from a delivery of illegal booze, Jake and his driver were ambushed by a rival gang.   

Local folk say that no one knew anything about it, until the next morning, when people noticed the runoff water in the ditch alongside the road was red with blood.  The Sheriff went to investigate and found Greasy Jake laying face down in the ditch alongside the battered car.   The Sheriff noted over 50 bullet holes before he gave up counting.   No one was ever arrested or charged with the murders though there was little doubt as to who was responsible.  

Ever since that day, so long ago, the local people tell the tale of the Ghost Car.   How when the fog rolls down off the mountains, Greasy Jake and his dead driver are often seen fleeing down the twisting mountain road.’s kit of the Shaggy Mountain Ghost Car makes two versions, the silvery-gray Ghost Car with optional skeleton driver and passenger, or the bullet holed, rusty wreck.    

$ 5.00

2 in 1 Ghost Car & Rusted Car