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The Tiger VII was the first of a long line of UES Giant Tanks. The Vehicle Illustrated is armed with a Rocket Assisted Rifle.

Tiger Mk VII Giant Tank  (2)

$ 8.00

The Tiger XII was originally developed for the Brazilian Army which accounts for the characteristically Imperial shaped turret. After hostilities between the Empire and the UES broke out in 2079 the Tiger XII became the mainstay of the UES Giant Tank units.

Tiger Mk XII Giant Tank  (2)

$ 8.00

The Tiger XXI was the ultimate development of the Tiger Line. It was the most heavily armored and best armed of the Tiger line.

Tiger Mk XXI Giant Tank  (2)

$ 8.00

The Rino Assault Gun, very heavily armed and armored.

Rino Assault Gun  (2)

$ 8.00

The Whirlwind was the primier Flack Tank of the UES and was built on the same chassis as the Tiger XXI.

Whirlwind Flack Tank  (2)

$ 8.00

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