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General Miles introduced the heliograph into Arizona, in 1886, to improve the communications between army units hunting for Geronimo. The heliograph consisted of two mirrors mounted on a tripod. One was the sun mirror used to focus the sun onto the station mirror which was focused on a distant station. A second tripod held a shutter which could be opened and closed rapidly allowing the transmission of Morse Code.

Stations were established on mountain tops scattered over Arizona. A test message sent from the extreme eastern station to the extreme western station, a total distance of about 800 miles, required only four hours for transmission.

This set consists of a heliograph, an operator with code book, a Sergeant with binoculars an officer writing in his message book, and a station flag.

Sergent with binoculars Kit

$ 10.00

Trooper operating Heliograph Kit

$ 10.00

U.S. Signal Corps Heliograph Set

$ 35.00

Signal Corps Officer Kit

$ 10.00


Note:  All figures sold as unpainted Kits