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The Boeing AT-136 Highlander was a very capable machine with high speed, good maneuverability, and good payload. These choppers were extensively utilized by the Imperium, Japan and Taiwan.

The Vertol Systems S-4 Darkwing was the epitome of Stealth Helicopters. With its whisper quiet tip jet rotors and low radar signature, the night belonged to the Darkwing. With its advanced sensor system and terrain following gear, the Darkwing could fly through a twisting canyon barely wide enough for its rotors, on a pitch black night. Equipped with an internal weapons bay, the S-4 could launch several different types of guided missiles or smart bombs. Used in small numbers by the Imperium, the Japanese and the USA.

Highlander Attack Chopper  (1)

$ 5.00

Darkwing Stealth Chopper  (1)

$ 5.00

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