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The Jk-124 Harpy Attack Helicopter

The JK-124 Harpy was the single most common PRC Attack Chopper and was used on all fronts. It was also extensivly exported.

The Mil MI-31 Harridan

The PRC's Harridan was a huge machine with an overall length of almost 90 feet. It was a heavy lift chopper with a large weapons bay which could accommodate a troop container, a rotary magazine for six cruise missiles, or any number and combination of guided missiles or additional gun pods.

Mi-31 Harridan Attack Chopper  (1)

$ 8.00

Harpy Attack Chopper  (1)

$ 5.00

The JK-58 Sky Tiger or Golem

The Sky Tiger was designed as an armored attack chopper and was a reasonably effective machine. Its armor and weapons systems were too heavy for its lift and they were the slowest of the attack choppers of this period. Despite this they were very rugged and cheap. As an export weapons system they proved very popular and were used by most of the smaller countries. They were also license built in Mexico for the Mexican Army.

$ 4.00

JK-58 Sky Tiger or Golem Attack Chopper  (1)

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