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The Janus Mk I was the first of a long line of fine vehicles serving both the Imperium and its enemies from the early 2070's through the end of the twenty second century. The Mexican Army used several of these early Mark I's during their stuggle with the Imperium. The Mark I is also associated very closly with Roger De San Martin who comanded a brigade of Janus Mk I's during the Brazil - Peruvian conflict.

The Janus Mk IV illustrated here is equipped for combat during the Martian Colony Wars. It has an improved environmental unit commonly referred to as a Mars Pack, and wide treads for better mobility on the sandy surface of Mars.

The Janus Mk VII was the pinnacle of the Janus development. Equipped with both anti- grav and gravetic drive its mobity was unparalled in the Monster tanks. Some of the later versions of the Mk VII were capable of interplanetary flight. Figures Sold separately.  

The MBT-100 was one of the first of the Monster Tanks to be equipped with anti-grav to increase its mobility. This vehicle was one of the most commonly used by the Imperium.

Late in 2072 the Mexican Army had the misfortune to meet in combat, the first of the Imperial Landships, the ILS Tortuga. While this first experimental model was only one segment, many of the features which have come to be associated with landships were introduced. The Tortuga's hull was forty feet long, thirty feet wide and stood twenty feet high. She was armed with an eighteen-inch Rocket Assisted Rifle mounted in a huge twenty by twenty-six foot turret. Her secondaries consisted of three laser projectors.

Janus Mk I Monster Tank Kit

$ 8.00

Janus Mk IV Monster Tank Kit

$ 8.00

Janus Mk VII Monster Tank Kit

$ 8.00

MBT-100 Monster Tank Kit

$ 8.00

Tortuga Prototype Landship Kit

$ 8.00

These kits are approximately 1” x 2” x .75”

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