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The KRMT (Kermit) was a remarkable design which was in service for well over one hundred years. A US design, the KRMT was introduced in 2068. The original vehicle was powered by a gas turbine-electric drive and carried a 200mm BP rifle. Over its long period of service, the KRMT has undergone many upgrades and mounted a wide variety of weapons. Because of its versatility, utility and availability it is very popular among the colonial forces and has served the Empire on countless worlds.

KRMT (Kermit) MBT (5)

$ 5.00

The PGGY-88 or as it is better known "Piggy" was another of those basic designs which are hard to improve on. The PGGY was originally designed as a medium assault vehicle, but the design proved so versatile that it became the basis for a great many upgrades and variations. In the PGGY-88 version it was equipped with a class three BP rifle mounted on a cherry picker.

PGGY-88 Assault Vehicle (5)

$ 5.00

The 1/2 track T-199 was the PRC's answer to the PGGY-88 and like its rival, carried a great variety of turrets and weapons. It was the mainstay of the PRC's light armored urban assault groups.

T-199 Assault Vehicle (5)

$ 5.00

The T-234 was designed by the PRC to be a high mobility MBT and like the T-199 was to be found everywhere the PRC attempted to expand. It and the T-199 were extensivly exported. The Mexican and Peruvian Armies had large numbers of them.

The Gojira Hakaisha was the largest single unit laser projector ever built. These units were mostly used in the defense of fortified places and cities.

Civilian Vehicles (14)

$ 8.00

Gojira Hakaisha Laser Projector (1)

$ 10.00

T-234 Assault Vehicle (5)

$ 5.00

Civilian Vehicles

Something to crush under the treads of your tanks.

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