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This Unit of Mexican Federal Troops wears the old blue uniform with the new kaki cap with white cap band. 

Villistas - Irregular Troops

Mexican Peasants


(Figures sold separately)

Viva Mexico Model T & Banditos

Customized Viva Mexico Model T. To go along with a Mexican Revolution theme we present our Mexican set. A Mexican rebel driving with Revolutionary General seated in the back seat of the Model T. Kit Includes 2 outriders, 1 on each running board. A must have to compliment our Mexican Bandito set. 28mm

Mexican Federal Infantry 1913 (30)

$ 30.00

Mexican Federal Infantry 1913 (6)

$ 8.00

Mexican Comand Unit (6)

$ 8.00

Villistas 1913 (30)

$ 30.00

Villistas 1913 (6)

$ 8.00

Mexican Peasants (6)

$ 8.00

Desert Plants (6)

$ 6.00

$ 15.00

Model T Ford Mexican Crew

Mexican Bandits Dismounted

$ 8.00

Mexican Revolution 1913

1/64th Scale

Matamoros Brigade Mexican federal Infantry

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