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The Nautiloids are Cephalopods. They are extremely hostile and will attack almost anyone or anything.

 Nautaloids are apparently telepathic among their own kind. When communicating with other races they use a device very similar to a Ralnai Voder Box. Despite their clumsy appearance out of water, the Nautaloids can move with considerable agility over almost any type of terrain. They do, however tend to dry out rather rapidly. (During the battle for Rhoads Mine ,several Nautaloids were observed dousing themselves with water from a portable tank.) They seem to prefer wet swampy areas and can be very difficult to eradicate from that type terrain. As long as they can stay wet, temperatures up to 100° f. don’t seem to bother them much. On the other hand, extreme cold seems to have little effect other than to slow their movements slightly. Before the Federation survey station on Icebox was over run by the Nautaloids, the giant cephalopods were reported frolicking amid the ice flows and sliding on their shells amid the glaciers.

Nautaloid Slither Squad (4)

$ 12.50