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The T-475 was extensively utilized by the PRC and was also frequently exported. Consequently the vehicle or one of its variants might be found in the most unexpected places. The T-475 shown here was equipped with a binary propellant rifle.

he T-475a illustrated here is armed with a Tunguska Blaster.

This highly unusual upgrade of the T-475 is equipped with a high mobility 1/2 track and a combined Tunguska Blaster - Laser Turret.

The T-488s was equipped with a "T" type turret, double barreled BP rifles, rocket boxes and a Skyrake secondary turret. These late variants of the basic T-475s were mostly used as escorts to the PRC Landships.

PRC T-475 Monster Tank Kit

$ 8.00

PRC T-475a Monster Tank Kit

$ 8.00

PRC T-477 Monster Tank Kit

$ 8.00

PRC T-488s Monster Tank Kit

$ 9.00

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