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The Ralnai

The Ralnai are reptiloids, similar to warm blooded dinosaurs. They are very clever and love to fight; their prey are often enslaved. They are the chief opponents of the Federation.

Ralnai soldiers are armed with disruptor weapons (masers). They wear body armor and use jetbelts.

 The Ralnai Powered Armor Troops

Ralnai Powered Armor (10)

$ 12.50

Ralnai Atack Rat (1)

$ 8.00

The Ralnai Anti-tank Grav Sled "Death Hawk"

$ 10.00

Ralnai Knot (25)

$ 30.00

Ralnai Super Strike (10)

$ 12.50

Ralnai Scout Walker

$ 10.00

Ralnai Medium Tank "Slinking Killer".

$ 15.00

Ralnai Powered Armor Troops The Ralnai High Command realized after the disastrous battle of Fuy Dinn that ordinary Ralnai troops could not be expected to stand against the Powered Armor troops of the Federation. Utilizing technology from captured power suits the Ralnai developed their own Powered Armor units.