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The Terellians were first contacted by the Federation before the First Star War. While the far-ranging scouts were welcomed at the Terellians distant homeworld, contact was not reestablished for decades. By that time, the Terellian homeworld, Tellus, had been conquored by the Dreenoi and only a handful of terellians remained. These refugees raised money for the liberation and recolonization of their homeworld by performing on stage as musicians. Royalties from their many popular and exotic tunes allowed them to hire mercenaries and robots for the long struggle.

Terellian soldiers generally lead units of alien mercenaries -- usually Orilla or Robots -- into battle. These officers usually arm themselves with blasters or needlers.

Terellians (4)

$ 5.00

Terellians in Space Suits  (4)

$ 5.00