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At last, a model train designed with the wargamer in mind. Built to a scale of 1/72 this train is compatible with both 25mm and 28mm figurines. Depicting British style rolling stock of the early 20th century this train would fit into any scenario from the Northwest Frontier to up through World War II. The train in the above illustration is painted for the East African Rail Road, during the Great War. Entire train: One locomotive, two flat cars, two open topped goods wagon, two boxcars and one brake van- all white metal kits- $160.00

The Train

$ 160.00

1/72nd scale 61 piece kit

Tank Locomoive 0-6-0T

$ 30.00

w/sliding doors 39 piece kit

Boxcar Kit

$ 15.00

working drop doors - 33 piece kit

$ 12.50

Open Top Goods Wagon

Flatcar Kit

$ 10.00

Horse Car Kit

$ 15.00

Doors open

 41 piece kit

Breakvan Kit

$ 20.00

All the rolling stock depicted on this page are white metal kits, easily assembled and designed for static display.

During the Great War, the East African R.R. was 3'6" gage. If you use HO size track in 1/72nd scale you get 3'6" gage. Therefore our train is designed to fit on readily available HO scale track.


Train Crew (5)

$ 5.00

Open Coach

$ 20.00

$ 25.00

First Class Passenger Car

Locomotive & Car Kits

All items sold as kits - unassembled and unpainted.

Ordering Instructions
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