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The Thatcher was designed as a heavy breakthrough tank. It is extremely well armored and can carry a variety of weapons. The unit illustrated here is equipped with three Rocket Assisted Rifles.

Thatcher Monster Tank Kit

$ 8.00

The Char DeGaul Mk V illustrated here is equipped with a "T" type turret with cruse missile launchers and a class nine Tunguska Blaster.

Char DeGaul MK V Monster Tank Kit

$ 8.00

The Grendel was one of the UES's most capable vehicles, combining good armor, mobility and versatility in weapons

The Scythian was designed with mobility first in mind. The version shown here is equipped with Mars Pack, wide tracks and a Rocket Assisted Rifle.

Grendel Monster Tank Kit

$ 8.00

Scythian Monster Tank Kit

$ 8.00

The Despoiler was designed as an answer to the Janus series. The version illustrated here is armed with a Three Barreled Rocket Assisted Rifle Turret and a Tunguska Blaster Turret.

Despoiler Monster Tank Kit

$ 9.00

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