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U.S. 3Parrott Rifle (1 gun, 5 crew) Kit

$ 60.00

$ 90.00

U.S. Mt. Howitzer Kit Union Crew

Union Gunner Holding Linstock Kit

$ 10.00

Union Gunner Holding  Cartridge Kit

$ 10.00

Union Gunner Ready to fire Kit

$ 10.00

Union Gunner Standing By Kit

$ 10.00

Union Gunner with Water Bucket Kit

$ 10.00

Rifled cannon first became commonly used in the Civil War. The iron Parrott rifle was developed in the 1850's and patented in 1861 by Robert P. Parrott who was supervisor of the West Point Foundry. It was a distinctive looking design with a cast iron tube shrunk around the breech. The three inch Parrott Rifle had a range of 1900 yards and was in common use by both sides.

The uniform of the gun crew is dressed in blue kepis, sky blue trousers and short blue jackets with red facings and stripes of the artillery branch.

The Mountain Howitzer kit consists of 5 gunners, three pack horses, two ammunition boxes with hinged lids, and the howitzer which can be broken down and loaded on the horses.   

Union Artillery

Note:  All figures sold as unpainted Kits