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The US Marines wore their dress uniform during the landings at Monterey and Yerba Buena (San Francisco, California). For all dress occasions and parades through the late 1850's, the U.S. Marines wore this uniform, consisting of a bell topped shako with yellow plume, indigo blue coat and white summer trousers

$ 50.00

U.S. Marines  Color Party

U.S. Marines wearing combat fatigues participated in the conquest of California and were part of Franklin Pierce's Brigade in the march on Mexico City. This uniform consisted of a dark blue soft cap and jacket, with gray or sky blue trousers, white crossbelts and leather work.

$ 50.00

U.S. Marine Fatigue Dress Color Party

U.S. Marines 1846 U.S. Marine Dress Uniform U.S. Marine Fatigue Uniform

Note:  All figures sold as unpainted Kits