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The Mountain Howitzer was designed to be a light, shell firing, gun which could be broken down and carried on three pack horses. It was very popular along the frontier because it could be packed into areas of rough terrain, where ordinary artillery could not go. The Mountain Howitzer was used all through the Mexican War, playing a important role in the battle of Monterrey (Mexico) when several of these guns were carried to the top of buildings. They began to drop shells into the plaza where the Mexicans had their ammo dump. On this account the Mexican Commander began negotiating a surrender of the city.

Mountain Howitzers saw service in the wilderness during the US Civil War. Some of these guns were still in use as late as the Modock Indian war of 1870.

The Mountain Howitzer set consists of three pack horses, two ammunition chests with hinged lids, and the gun itself which can be broken down into four parts and mounted on the pack horses. The gun crew are dressed in the uniform of the U.S. Horse Artillery, a powder blue fatigue uniform, a short jacket with yellow braid and trousers with red stripes. They wore a dark blue soft cap, with a red band.

The Mountain Howitzer kit consists of 5 gunners, three pack horses, two ammunition boxes with hinged lids, and the howitzer which can be broken down and loaded on the horses.   

$ 90.00

U.S. Mt. Howitzer Kit

U.S. Mountain Howitzer

Note:  All figures sold as unpainted Kits