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Brigadier General Wade Hampton was one of Stuart's Brigade commanders and succeeded Stuart after his death. He was wounded at the battle of Getteysburg, but lived until 1902.

One of the richest men in South Carolina, Hampton raised and equipped a volunteer legion of six infantry companies, four cavalry companies and a battery of artillery. His uniform and those of his officers were of the finest material and cut. In this set, Hampton, mounted, fearlessly charging, is dressed in a Confederate general's uniform of overall gray with a broad brimmed hat and ostrich feather plume. His officers were dressed 'hussar' style with yellow braid and facings on their gray uniforms. This set of Wade Hampton and his men embodies the spirit of those gallant men in gray.

Conf. Cavalry  Mounted Standard

$ 20.00

Wade Hampton Mounted Kit

$ 20.00

Wade Hampton

Note:  All figures sold as unpainted Kits