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This building was patterned after ones in Port Royal in the mid 1600’s Port Royal was  considered the wickedest city on earth because of pirates, prostitution and warehouses full of pirate booty. June 7, 1692 a massive earthquake sunk 2/3’s  of Port Royle into the sea forever.

But this building can be far more than just a pirate warehouse. Signs provided can turn it into: Barber-Surgeon Office, General Warehouse and Ships’ Chandlery. Or you can use your imagination to make this versatile building into anything you choose.

Easy to assemble. Includes  2 candle lanterns plus a longboat, crates and a  full ground cover sheet. Measures 6.5x5.5 x 6.75 inches .  Figures sold separately.

Port Royal Warehouse 1/64th

$ 10.00