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The T-210 was one of the most numerous of the PRC's heavy vehicles. It was extensivly exported and was a common sight on the battle fields of the Imperial Period.

The T-210d was an interesting variation of the T-210. It was equipped with a 1/2 track, high mobility kit for use on Mars.

The AS-275 better known by its code name of "Red Pig" was usually equipped with a 10 inch BP rifle. Its secondary turret mounted a rapid fire cone rifle.

T-210 Giant Tank  (2)

$ 8.00

T-210d Giant 1/2 Track  (2)

$ 8.00

AS-275 Assault Gun (2)

$ 8.00

FT-288  Flack Tank - Standard Anti-aircraft and missile defense of the PRC Armored Forces  150 mm Rocket Assisted Rifles could be used with equal effect aginst flying targets and ground units.

FT-288 Flack Tank  (2)

$ 8.00

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