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Jefferson Davis, future president of the Confederacy, led this crack volunteer unit from Mississippi. They armed with percussion cap rifles, and large Bowie Knives, because their bayonets had not been delivered before they left for Mexico. They wore white duck trousers and red hunting shirts, with brown, broad brimmed hats.

Includes kits for Mted Jeff Davis and 3 foot figures.   

$ 40.00

Color Party Miss. Rifles

$ 50.00

Mixed Mississippi Rifles (6) foot

$ 10.00

Mississippi Rifles Firing Standing (1)

$ 10.00

Mississippi Rifles Kneeling Firing (1)

$ 10.00

Mississippi Rifles Running (1)

$ 10.00

Mississippi Rifles at Ready (1)

Mississippi Rifles

Note:  All figures sold as unpainted Kits