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The Haunted Lighthouse kit consists of 4 pages of assembly instructions and 10 pages of parts for the lighthouse which, when completed measures 16 x 8 x 10 inches. You can choose to build the Haunted Lighthouse  as it was when new or as the dilapidated old Haunted Lighthouse.    You have your choice of new plaster, old cracked plaster, or unfinished stone.   Choose the Calavera Light with a colorful tile roof. Or choose the Haunted Lighthouse with  a blackened and weather damaged roof, cracked and falling plaster and broken windows,  darkened and bullet holed.   


Each kit comes with the lamp room winows printed on clear overhead projector film so that the detail inside the light room can be seen.  Or you can put a battery powered candle inside the lamp room so that your light house will actually show a light.

Haunted Lighthouse 1/64th

$ 10.00

Calavera Lighthouse 1/64th

$ 10.00